The competition is open to Dormer Pramet employees and business partners. The top 30 participants will win a replica of the official TELSTAR 18 ball. The competition takes place on this website. The organizer of the competition is the company DORMER PRAMET, represented by legal entity PRAMET TOOLS, s.r.o., Uničovská 2, 787 53 Šumperk.

Only persons over 18 years of age may participate in the competition. Ranking of the participants is based on points accumulated from correctly predicting the match results only.


  • The participant registers
    After registration he/she predicts the result of each WORLD CUP 2018 match as follows:
    • Group-stage matches:
      • Select 0 – for a draw
      • Select 1 – for a home win
      • Select 2 – for an away win
      (Home team v Away team is based on official WORLD CUP 2018 match schedule)
    • Play-off matches :
      • Select 1 – for a home team win (team named first in official fixture schedule)
      • Select 2 – for an away team win (team named second in official fixture schedule)
  • The participant receives 1 point for a correct prediction and 0 points for an incorrect prediction. Altogether, from the 64 games it is possible to achieve a maximum of 64 points in the competition.
  • Predicting the score of the match is NOT required, only the overall result.
  • Ranking is updated once a day (overnight).
  • The prediction must be entered on the website before kick-off of the relevant match
  • The participant must be logged in to his/her account to enter their prediction. After kick-off, prediction becomes inactive (for the given match).
  • The winners will be determined by points ranking after the final match – in case there are more winners than prizes (30), the winners will be determined by drawing lots.
  • The top 30 participants will be classified as winners to receive the prize.
  • The winners will be announced on the website and through other channels used by the competition organizer. Winners will also be notified by e-mail or telephone. Delivery of the prize will be agreed individually.
TIP: To keep track of your success and for all fixtures use the DORMER PRAMET WORLD CUP 2018 schedule poster. Click here to download a pdf version.


To participate in the competition it is necessary to create a user account. When registering the following data is required:

  • Full Name – full name of the participant. This will not be displayed publicly.
  • Username – the participant will be displayed under this name in the ranking.
  • Password – to provide the user with access to their account on the competition website.
  • Location (City/town) - city/town you live or work in. This will not be displayed publicly.
  • E-mail address and telephone number - required to organize delivery of prize, if successful. This will not be displayed publicly.
  • Team - choose a team of your choice from any of the national teams available or select a Dormer Pramet team.

Personal data:

The personal data you provide will be used for organizing the competition and prize handing over. It will not be provided to a third party without knowledge and written consent of the participant. The organizer ensures security of the provided data with all available means. By providing your email address you agree to receiving emails from Dormer Pramet in the future.


The organizer reserves the right to terminate the competition ahead of schedule and exclude such participants whose entry is in contradiction with the rules of the competition, interests of the organizer or whose behavior in the competition (user´s name, etc.) is deemed inappropriate or offensive.

We wish you success and good luck!
Dormer Pramet

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CZ - 787 53 Sumperk
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